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Life on the Farm.


It all started with love, marriage, and a baby carriage... and fourteen chickens.

It's actually more like a homestead than a farm, but I believe in dreaming BIG. We live on a couple of acres in the midst of horse country in Tryon, North Carolina--me, my husband, two kids, two Great Pyrenees and fourteen chickens.


My husband and I both share a dream of living off the land (as much as we can) and raising (or "rearing" if you prefer) our children to appreciate nature and animals. We're in the foundling stages of our little homestead farm, but we feel like we're living the dream. (Albeit, it's a clay-covered, never-ending to-do-list kind of dream).


We knew our life choice would mean hard work. I always dreamed of staying at home with my kiddos, too. And I feel fortunate that I've been able to do that. I've always had a passion for design in print media, and I've been able to transfer those years of creativity and experience into the field of web design.


I feel passionate about helping other small businesses and organizations make the impact they envision by creating beautiful websites that stand out from the crowd.

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